After Care Instructions


Immediately After and up to 3 days post procedure:

1.        Wrap ice in clean freezer bag and ice area 10 minutes on/off throughout the day to decrease swelling.

2.       NO smoking, alcohol, recreational drug use, or exercise that causes sweating & nothing should be used on pigmented areas unless directly specified (no makeup, glycolic acids, Retin-A, sunblock, etc). Keep out of direct sun, no fake tanning or spray tanning on tattooed areas. No submersion in bodies of water, no Jacuzzis, no saunas.  Do not sleep on tattooed area to prevent sticking to bed sheets and make sure bed sheets are freshly cleaned.  No pets allowed in bed while healing. No touching area with dirty fingers or anything else that isn’t clean (Lips: drink through straws and small bites only with fork/spoon, no kissing). 

3.        Take a good multivitamin, vitamin C, and eat a nutritional diet while healing for best results.  (Restrict processed foods and high carbs and maintain a healthy intake of protein and calories.  Don’t skip meals.) Do not use any topical antibiotics during healing.

4.        Thoroughly clean tattooed area 3 times daily with wet lathered soap (sensitive skin or antimicrobial), cool water and clean hands or quality paper towel. It will still feel tender but it needs to be cleaned properly.  Use gentle circular massaging movements with hands/paper towel and no loofas, scrubbing or scratching.  During showers, water can get on tattooed area if cleaning, otherwise keep it away.  Also, keep showers to fewer than 10 mins and they should not be steamy.

5.       Throughout the day, do not let plasma or wound exudate dry on surface of tattooed area as this will lead to scabbing and patchy healing.  Lightly clean area with either pre-moistened baby wipes (containing NO lotions or aloe) or a moistened quality paper towel every hour if needed.  If the area is shiny wet, it needs to be dabbed clean. 

6.        After there is no longer any plasma or exudate secretion for 6 hours (anytime from day 1-3), you can begin applying a small amount of Redemption or Aquaphor 2-3 times daily.  Allow area to completely dry for 2 minutes after properly cleaning, prior to ointment application.

7.        Thoroughly and gently massage ointment into the area with a clean Q-tip, microbrush or finger. Lightly dab off excess with clean paper towel.  


3 days to 7 days

1.        Continue all No’s from Immediately After, though alcohol may be consumed in low/responsible amounts.

2.        Continue cleaning and applying ointment 2-3 times daily depending on dryness.

3.        Do not pick or pull at any flaking skin during this phase as this will lead to pigment loss and possible infection. 


After 1 Week

1.        Can resume use of Aspirin, Ibuprofen, NSAIDs, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Omegas, supplements, hormones, steroids, and blood thinners. 

2.        Continue cleaning and applying ointment, once in the morning and once before bed until fully healed when there is no longer any flaking skin and the tissue elasticity of the area has returned to normal (about 2-6 weeks depending on area).

3.        Reduce ointment use to once daily if any pimples appear in or next to the tattooed area.  Be careful not to apply ointment to pimple/s.


After Completely Healed/Long-term

1.        Area is completely healed only when there is absolutely no more flaking skin and collagen elasticity has completely returned to the area.  Don’t rush your heal.

2.        Use of other medications, supplements, lotions & cleansers, waxing, electrolysis, lash & brow dyes, makeup, etc.  can be resumed.

3.        Tanning, chemical peels and IPL can be resumed to areas that are NOT tattooed.  Tell technician/dermatologist that you have permanent makeup, etc. when receiving treatments and to avoid those areas by a finger width space.

4.        Laser hair removal can NEVER be resumed over any tattooed area as it can remove or discolor pigment.

5.        To keep your procedure looking its best for the longest time, take care of it!  Wear good sunblock and keep it on every couple of hours when in the sun.  Take care of your skin.  The healthier your skin, the better your tattoo will look.  Stay hydrated, use daily moisturizer.