Paramed Tattoo


WELCOME TO PARAMED TATTOO and Happy NEW year!! The weather is finally warming up, giving you the perfect excuse to pamper yourself.
Arizona’s first ever paramedical tattoo aesthetics studio, Paramed Tattoo, is happy to offer you so many services. Alongside all our traditional tattooing (seen on our Instagram: ParamedTattoo) We offer tattooing services that include (but are not limited to):

• Stretch Mark camouflage

• Burn Camouflage

• Melasma camouflage 

• Microblading ALTERNATIVE

• Scar Camouflage

• Freckles

• Permanent makeup services (eyeliner/lips/check blush/permanent concealer) 

• Lip Blush

• Tummy tuck scar revision

• Under eye brightening 

• permanent concealer

• permanent NON LASER tattoo REMOVAL

• a proprietary painless temporary brow during your consult so you can “try before you buy” called: DemiBrows! (Lasts about 2 weeks!)

•multiple forms of numbing available for comfort

Scroll down to schedule with our studio fully contactless, (deposit required to book online), or take your time going through the website to find information on everything that we offer! ALSO OFFERING BEFORE AND AFTER CARE PRODUCTS IN OUR BOUTIQUE; which you can find by scrolling or using the website menu in the top right corner!

thanks for stopping by and taking a look. 


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Specifically curated products for the body modified, and shared with the whole world right here. From skin creams to sustainable accessories, our shop brings you a collection of things to brighten, soften, and pamper your skin and your tattoos. After perusing our external products for pampering; you can check out our spiritual products to cleanse internally.

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Booking Services

Currently booking paramedical tattooing services at these locations: 

115 S Alto st. Prescott AZ


4716 E Thunderbird Rd. paradise Valley AZ

please send us a submission through our contact us page to book a consultation. 


Refund and Return Policy